Luke Pell was in Nashville working on a singing and songwriting career before his time on ABC's reality show The Bachelorette, and he's in Music City working harder than ever after finishing fourth last summer. Those experiences, he says, fall right into his country wheelhouse.

Pell says he writes relationship songs. “I joke that I’m going to be like Taylor Swift when I grow up because I end up writing songs about past relationships,” he says, laughing. Pell, who is still single, says he likes to put a little bit of everything he does into his music.

“That being a relationship-based show, I think it’s a great spot to get some songwriting ideas,” he adds. It's unlikely you'll find a song called "JoJo" (after Bachelorette star Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher) on a forthcoming EP. The 32-year-old will pull from older relationships, some as far back as college. Look for a song called "Pretty Close" to be his first offering from the project, although no date has been announced. Songwriter Michael White (Blake Shelton's "The Baby") helped him pen the song.

Pell is known as a reality TV star who almost became the next Bachelor, but he's also an Army veteran and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Pell misses the camaraderie of his military days, but not the grind. Transitioning out of active duty hasn't always been easy he admits, but there are some experiences that translate to a life as a country musician quite nicely. He understands how legends like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, George Strait and Kris Kristofferson all served and went on to become singers and songwriters.

“The music industry is very entrepreneurial in terms of being an artist,” Pell says. “Building a career from scratch, you’ve got to have a work ethic and be goal-oriented, and I think that’s something that everyone that goes to the military has that.”

Adjusting socially was the most difficult part, as he's no longer in that alpha-male world. As a songwriter, he's often the least experienced man in the room, and he knows it'd be foolish for him to try to take charge, especially around men like White and collaborators like Cole Swindell.

“You really have to be a people person and a relationship person to kind of feel out the other person’s method of communicating and being able to be open to new ideas,” Pell says.

Only two songs are available on the streaming service Spotify thus far, both released in 2015. Pell's music is a straightforward mix of country and rock that relies on storytelling and the singer's gritty delivery. He performed a song called "Next to You" on Taste of Country Nights earlier this fall. Darius Rucker has the song on hold.

Listen to Luke Pell Sing "Next To You" 

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