Luke Bryan has been a busy man. His 4th studio album "Crash My Party" is out.  It looks like it'll be number 1 on the country and pop charts.  It could sell 500,000 copies this week, maybe more. We'll find out for sure tomorrow (8/21). Boy has he gone a long way since he performed at Touch of Texas in Johnson City.  I credit that show as the beginning of greatness for Luke.

This CD could have the third-largest sales week of 2013. Only Justin Timberlake and Jay Z could have bigger weeks. It may have the largest sales week for a male country artist since 2004, when Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" sold 766,000. Only three country albums since 2008 have sold more than a half-million copies in a single week and they're all by Taylor Swift.

He may be a rising star but that doesn't stop him from going out and living his life with his family. Luke still takes his wife out to dinner or his two sons to the store even though his fans are sure to notice he's there.

Even if Luke reachs superstar levels of fame, he'd still go out to the grocery store and pump his own gas. He say's "My main thing is just to go out and enjoy doing things and don't live in a cave thinking that people are trying to get ya."

So who knows, maybe you'll see him walking around the NYS Fair when he's there Thursday, August 29th with Thompson Square.  Better yet, how would you like to meet him at West Palm Beach, Florida in Hawktober?  It's his final show of 2013. You'll meet and greet him, we'll give you 500 dollars spending cash and more. Here's how.