Looking for a parade to go to this St. Patrick's Day weekend. There is one in the Southern Tier and it begins today (3/15) at 1pm in Hillcrest.

It's the Hillcrest St. Patrick's Day Parade. It begins at 1 at the Hillcrest American Legion on West Service Hwy. It goes southbound on West Service Hwy and turns left on Chenango Street and takes a right on Nowlan road and will finish in the parking lot at My Uncle's Place (That's a place not a relative) 120 E. Arterial Highway.

During the parade, a group will collecting items for "US FOR KIDS." This organization is an outreach program for all kids, toddlers to teens. It's designed to provide some basic needs to kids in the community.

"US (Underwear and Socks) FOR KIDS" believes that all kids deserve to start every day with a strong foundation and fresh start that begins with getting dressed.  These donations will be used to help kids in our community.

It's a good day to be outdoors for a parade and you can help out some needy kids in our area.....and I'm sure there'll be folks handing out candy as well. So come to the parade and bring new underwear and socks....and I don't mean wear them there.