It's Good News Monday. What is your Good News?  Mine is easy. I have the opportunity to celebrate the same birthday with my sister and daughter and my uncle. In fact, I've only celebrated my first birthday by myself, but that's OK by me.

My sister Michelle was born on my second birthday.  I wanted a monkey and a banjo and but instead I got my sister. I wouldn't trade her for either. Maybe both. But not either.  I also got a dead squirrel from my Dad on that day. It wasn't wrapped or anything. He shot it and I happened to be holding it.

The birth of a child is really cool.  The birth of a child on your birthday is even better. But having it fall on your 40th birthday is the best.  For one, it's easier to remember how old I am. I just ask Tara how old she is and then add 40.

Saturday Tara and I went to Stoughton Farm and did the corn maze and the pillow jump. We ended the night in the Skybox, thank you Jim and Karen O'Brien from Bothar's Construction for the birthday tickets. Sunday was the Kids vs Parents Chenango Bridge modified soccer game.  The parents won...for us a victory is no parent getting hurt.

If you're wondering what my birthday presents were. The day started with coffee and the sports section in bed. I'm losing weight so I got a new bathing suit...although I suspect the suit was on sale because it's off season.

The day ended with a Washington Redskin win and clip boards.  Either people borrow my clipboard and forget to bring it back or I leave them at my broadcasts... I'm going with the latter.

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