It happens every 2 years.  It's the Binghamton Broadcaster Reunion Awards.  It's a chance every two years to honor current and past broadcasters from the Binghamton area. It's also a great chance for all of us broadcasters to get together, chat, and reminisce about the ole days....and hand out some awards too.  This years winner of the Bill Parker Excellence in Broadcasting is acting legend, Edward Herrmann.

If the name doesn't sound familiar, you'll probably recognize his face.  He's been nominated for several Emmy's. He even won an Emmy for his guest appearance on 'The Practice.' He's had several Tony nominations as well.  He's been in over 100 movies and commercials and has done several voice overs including work for the History Channel. He also appeared in a episode of  'MASH' in 1980, of course I would know that.

I've been a fan of his ever since he played Goldie Hawn's husband in 'Overboard.' So I was delighted to hear he was coming to Binghamton on Saturday. So when I had a chance to meet him, I (in my Glenn Pitcher way) wanted to say something nice and let him know how much I like his work.

I debated on saying I loved him in that episode of MASH.  I even thought of saying something about his VW commercials, I'm glad I didn't because he did Dodge commercials.  I should have said "Hi, It's nice to meet you" instead I did something worse.

When I have a chance to talk to big time celebrities, I try to say something to them that others haven't.  Congratulations to me, I did it.....just not the way I wanted.  I told him how much I enjoyed seeing him on 'Boston Legal' when he played the Professor of one of the main characters of the show. I was thinking of 'Denise' played by Julie Bowen.  He said "Thank you very much."

So I asked him what it was like off camera with the likes of William Shatner and James Spader.  That's when he informed me he wasn't on the show but the show that lead to it, 'The Practice.'  He played the Professor of Lindsay Dole played by Kelli Williams. So I was close.

AHHHHHH, I did it again.  One of these days, I'll double check my facts.  I'm glad I got the picture first. So once again, I'll be remembered by a celebrity for saying something that wasn't quite right.  When I meet Travis Tritt, I asked how his wife Rhonda was.  Rhonda is Trace Adkins wife, Travis's wife is Theresa.

Congratulations also go out to John Davison. He won the Audio Technica Working Broadcaster award. Thanks for letting me introduce you. Congrats as well to Barb Mack for winning Broadcaster of the Year.

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