There are 2 new country CD's out today. Eli Young Bands "10,000 Towns" and David Nail's "I'm a Fire." We were lucky enough to have David in studio several years ago. His new CD already has a number 1 song (Whatever She's Got) and a tribute to a country legend.

 It's "Galveston" by Glen Campbell. David and I have something in common...We are both huge Glen Campbell fans. David say's “He's a huge hero of mine, it was very important for me to show that I had such a fondness for him."

"I made a little elementary school note ‘check yes or no’ and just listened to the songs and held it up to my producer Frank Liddell, knowing full well that he would most likely pick ‘Galveston.’”

He got what he hoped, and a "yes" from  Frank. The singer is joined by Lee Ann Womack for the song. Womack is married to Liddell, and he was able to get her to join Nail for the song. Frank's wife is also a huge Glen Campbell fan.

I hope for his next record he'll record "Rhinestone Cowboy." That's my favorite by Glen. I sang that song once into a recorder and my sister "accidentally" recorded over it.  Now that I look back, I'm glad she did.....I don't need that recording out there.