The TV show "Dallas" will begin it's a 2nd season on TNT with a 2 hour premiere on January 28th.  The biggest news though, is what will they do about Larry Hagman and his character "J.R. Ewing."

Larry died Thanksgiving day from cancer complications at the age of 81.  They had already begun filming the 2nd season when Hagman died.  So Dallas will honor the memory of Larry Hagman throughout the season.  March 11th, the 6th episode of the year for the show, will be a tribute including a funeral for J.R.  The producers say that episode will include many faces from the original Dallas which ran from 1978-1991.

They also add that it will be funny and appropriate to J.R., but will also be sad for his TV family (as well as the fans.)  J.R. will have additional footage inserted into several episodes as well. The producers of the show will also honor Larry on the set.  His trailer will stay location with a sign that says "No. 1 is on hold."

It'll be an interesting season, especially in the beginning, as we all know J.R. will be leaving us.  I'm curious to see if as many people try to figure out how J.R. dies, as we did when we tried to figure out "Who shot J.R."