The basketball playoffs are here and it should be about the play on the court. Game 4 between LA and Golden State This weekend however, it was anything but...Thanks to Clipper owner, Donald Sterling.

The LA Clippers and Golden State were to play game 4 on Sunday. None of the talk had to do with the game, but everything about Donald Sterling and his alleged racist comments.

Before their game against Golden State, the Clippers came out of the tunnel and removed their jackets at the same time. They were left in a pile until the team was finished warming up.

The Clipper players also wore black wristbands and socks.  Chris Paul even wore a black sleeve over his left arm instead of white to protest Sterling's alleged comments. If you'd like to hear what Donald Sterling has allegedly said here's what has.

By the way, the Clippers were hammered by Golden State 118-97. The series is tied 2-2 and returns to LA tomorrow night....but nobody is talking about that.