Shredder Operator – Birdsall’s Odd Jobs
This week, I was a Shredder Operator at Upstate Shredding in Owego, New York. Not only did we shred cars and other assorted metal objects, but we also helped sort through the remains before they were sent out to be recycled.
5 Hottest New Songs in Country Music [VIDEOS]
This is an exciting time to be in country music. Thanks to a variety of new sounds and influences, country music is hotter than ever.  I have the difficult task of having to chose the best of the best for HAWK listeners in the Southern Tier.  That's where your input comes in.
‘Mommy’s Hallelujah’ Goes Viral [WATCH]
I've been blessed. My son is the perfect baby. Yeah, I know most parents will say the same thing about their baby, but really. My son is so happy and content and has slept (mostly) through the night for months and rarely cries and is outrageously loving...
Big Rig Mechanic – Birdsall’s Odd Jobs [WATCH]
This week, I was a Big Rig Mechanic at Laing Truck and Trailer! Hawk listener Dale was happy to let me come bend some axles and work on a starter, as we climbed around under trucks and wrenched on other ones. This job was different than just swinging wrenches as a regular auto mechanic in …

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