5 Spy Apps That Could Be Watching You Now
So you're using your smartphone thinking everything is fine and secure but later find out someone could be spying on you.  It happens every day and it happens more and more.  Most people have no idea unless you are suspicious that someone knows a little too much about you...
Drunk 14 Year Old Gets DWI With Drunk Dad Riding Shotgun
The police in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania thought it was gonna be your typical DWI as they see a car weaving in and out of lanes haphazardly the night of June 1st 2016.The flip the lights and pull it over to find the driver was 14 years old and drunk. Why was this kid driving drunk? Dad was riding s…
How to Make Natural Bug Repellent
Warnings are already out for a very buggy spring and summer in the Southern Tier. The potential for some serious health problems is greater if you choose not to use bug spray when you go outdoors. I make my own bug spray and it keeps me tick-free all summer long.

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