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Bizarre Divorce Products [GLENN REACTS]
You may have heard that it takes a woman only 6 days to pull the trigger and end a relationship.  So guys, if you had a bad Valentine's Day, today (2/20) is the day that she may dump you. If it really, really went bad and she wants a divorce, here are some divorce products to consider.
Weird Things That Have Happened To Jimmy Fallon [GLENN REACTS]
On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon took over 'The Tonight Show.'  He had great ratings. A 3.8 for adults 18-49 with over 11 million views overall.  He easily outdrew David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel.  Here are some of the weird things that have happened since he took over the sho…
President’s Day Fun Facts [GLENN REACTS]
Today is President's Day or as I like to call it, "National Check the Mailbox 3 Times for No Reason Day." Here are my top 5 Fun Facts about our Presidents...I never understood why there called "Fun" but here ya go.
How You Know She’s Interested In You [GLENN REACTS]
Last week, I was helping men out who were gonna go out on a first date for Valentine's Day and the mistakes not to make.  If you were like me, you were insecure when you first started dating. How do you know if she's into you. Here's how.
Men’s First Date Mistakes [GLENN REACTS]
Valentines Days is almost here and you're single. This year you're going to try something different....You are going to ask someone out on a 1st date. After all, why should couples have all the fun. Here's what Men's Health says guys shouldn't say or do and here's what …
Reasons To Celebrate Groundhog Day [GLENN REACTS]
Punxsuntawney Phil is getting a raw deal this year. He has to share his big day with the Big Game.  It's one of my favorite holidays and not because Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate Groundhog Day.
Richard Sherman’s Favorite Movies [GLENN REACTS]
A couple of weeks ago Seattle corner back Richard Sherman made quite a name for himself. He knocked away a pass intended for Micheal Crabtree in the end zone in the closing seconds of the NFC championship game and propelled the Seahawks into the Big Game on Sunday.  He was interviewed after the…
Beware Of Counterfeit Tickets [GLENN REACTS]
The Big Game is this Sunday night. Since the game is only a couple hours away, I have some friends thinking about going. Caution: Counterfeiters are getting good at passing off fake tickets, like this guy. Here's how to tell.
Bizarre Job Interview Questions [GLENN REACTS]
I'm doing a job fair with Maine's Paper & Food today from 3-6 at Darden Warehouse, 215 Broome Corporate Parkway in Conklin. They are doing on-the-spot interviews. They probably won't be asking these questions.....but other companies have.

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