Bid On a Star Guitar for Charity
Back when the Hawk was doing some charity auctions, star guitars were always a big money maker for the charity we were raising money for.  The Grammy Charity Online Auction benefits the Grammy in the schools programs for high school students, as well as the Foundation's preservation and advancement …
One Mom Is Changing the World One Pair of Underwear at a Time
You probably didn't know this, but every year, millions of needy kids go without underwear. This is no joke- not having proper undergarments can be a serious blow to a kid's self-esteem and it can impact not only their psyche, but their ability to learn, excel and better themselves.
Country Cares for St. Jude’s Kids [PHOTOS]
I am so proud to be a part of the country music community, working at the Hawk for nearly 28 years now.  Country music entertainers and fans always seem to come together in times of need and truly care about important issues like fighting childhood cancer...
Why ‘Freeze Out 5K’ to End Homelessness is Important
The statistics are alarming yet real.  Over 600,000 people are homeless in America on any given night.  Can you imagine living everyday not knowing if you have a safe place to sleep at night?  Most of us take a warm home and bed for granted.  But being homeless is reality for ove…
Broome County Veterans In Need of Supplies
In November of 2014, Binghamton Mayor Rich David put our city on the map by being the first in the United States to shelter all identified homeless veterans, which is an amazing accomplishment that other cities are striving to achieve.
Homeless Bell Ringer Gives Back
It’s that time of year when Salvation Army Bell Ringers are out in full force. Here's a little something to think about the next time you spot a bell ringer while out shopping- I'm betting it might change the way you think about them if you're not a fan.

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