March Madness is under way.  However, you still have time to fill out the Bracket Challenge.  You have til the tip-off of the first Thursday game, which is a little past noon, to get your picks in.

It's the easiest bracket, I've ever filled out.  You could win cash, maybe even a million dollars.  Find out if you can beat me.....or even Traci Taylor. Traci and I will be making a friendly wager on the tournament.  If you have suggestions on what I should have Traci do when I win (I mean what the winner should have the loser do), let me know below.  I have a feeling that I may be eating crow when the madness is done.

Some have asked why I didn't pick Syracuse to win it all,  It's simple.  If Syracuse wins, I'm happy.  If Syracuse loses, my bracket is happy.  Good luck to all of you. Go here to fill out your bracket now.