Are you standing with Boston by wearing your Red Sox cap, Patriots jersey or Bruins gear? Well my wife Dawn is. is holding a challenge through their YourTurn program where they feature regular people in People.

The challenge is, Support Boston: Share Your #BostonStrong Pic and she has entered.  She began running competitively almost a year ago and every time she races she wears her pink Boston hat.  I know, I know,  I've tried to convince her that Yankees are the way to go but she wasn't having it...I know it's a flaw but I haven't resorted to hiding the hat...yet and it's still early in the baseball season.

Her picture has been selected and put on  The more "likes" she gets the better her chances of being selected as their featured photo star.  Maybe I can convince her that if I get enough people to like her photo she will retire her hat for some pin stripes...To see her picture on and "like" her right out of her Boston hat click here.

I used to say that it looked like something pooped on her hat.....Not anymore.