The girls (Riley and Tara) and their cousin (Makena) wanted to experience Black Friday. I said when you wake up Friday morning, we'll go. I also saw this as another opportunity with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES that I've been test driving for Matthews Mitsubishi.

I discovered something new with the vehicle on Friday that I thought was pretty cool...or should I say warm.  Most vehicles when you want to set how warm you want it, the dial just shows it from cold (blue) all the way to hot (red). The Outlander actually shows you the temperature. Then you set it on how fast you want to air to blow out.

I discovered that if you set it on auto, the warm air blows till it gets to the desired temperature then stops.  When it starts to fall below, it starts up again. I can't tell you how many times in the past, I've set it, then minutes later everyone is complaining that it is to warm. This way it takes care of itself...Awesome.

So the girls asked me Thursday night if I would take them Black Friday Shopping. I asked what they wanted to get.  Riley and Makena told me they wanted to experience it. Tara had a Toys R Us gift card burning a hole in her pocket book. I told them when they woke up we would go. I was fortunate, they didn't wake up till after 8.

I took them to the Mall, Toys R Us and other places and we all happily survived our first Black Friday experience together with no problems.  We had lots of room for all the presents and lots of room to ride around. While were driving home, Riley asked me how long I can keep the vehicle. I asked her "How long would you like me to keep it?" She said "I hope for a very long time."

We've loved our Test Drive Experience with Matthews Mitsubishi.  Matthews wants other to try it as well. They've been giving away 7 day test drives every week. Congratulations to Mary Ann Diehl, she was the latest winner. Stop by Matthews Mitsubishi at Planet PreOwned, 2100 Vestal Parkway East and register today.

While you're there, check out the nearly 100 new Mitsubishi's on the lot. They start as low as 13,700. My Outlander gets over 30 MPG. I just discovered that it also shows you the exact MPG that you're getting as your going. If your cruising it, it'll go up and if your pushing it, it goes down. I thought that was neat to watch. Don't forget about one of the leading warranty's in the business 10 year/100,000 miles.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season, that'll keep on giving long past December 25th and stop by Matthews Mitsubishi today.