Are you planning on watching any movies over the holiday season?  It seems like this year, the movies are amazingly long.

Les Miserables is 157 minutes long, so is Zero Dark Thirty.  Steven Spielberg's movie Lincoln is 150 minutes long.  Django Unchained comes in around 165 minutes.  The topper is The Hobbit at 169 minutes.  So are you wondering how you're going to get through the whole movie without taking a bathroom break and missing important parts of the movie. You have a couple of choices.  You could do what the lady astronaut did when she made her cross country trip and wear a device. Or you could get an app, that's right, there is an app for that.

It's called "The Run Pee" app.  It lets you know when is a good time to make a run for it (so to speak.)  Either the bathroom or if you want to get more popcorn and soda. Just sync your smartphone with the app at the beginning of the movie.  When your phone vibrates, you can leave the movie and do your business and not miss much.

The app will even let you read what's happening when you're away.  It also tells you long long the movie goes for.  It even gives movie reviews, that way you might not have to run to the movie at all.  I know you have enough stress in your life during the holiday season, so let Run Pee give you one less thing to worry about.