We are no stranger to the beautiful harmonies and amazing use of instruments from the Zac Brown Band. Their music has a way of moving us - to tears, to laughs, to our you-know-whats in the sand, which is why we're counting down the days until April 28th when they release their Jekyll + Hyde album.

We've heard their first single from the album, 'Homegrown' and immediately took note of the different, but definitely cool sound it has. It's all over the radio and they even performed it on Saturday Night Life for the 40th Anniversary.

Recently, the band gave us a listen to another song from Jekyll + Hyde, a song not written by ZBB, but a song that had me moved to tears in one simple listen.

'Dress Blues' was written by Jason Isbell, a former member of the Drive-By Truckers, when he went solo in 2007. The record is on his first solo album, Sirens of the Ditch and is a very personal, very heartfelt song with moving lyrics and an unforgettable melody.

'Dress Blues' tells the story about a close friend of Isbell's who was killed in the Iraq War. In an interview, Isbell said, "I was just coming off a tour with the Drive-By Truckers, and I called my mom, and she told me about his funeral, which she'd attended that day. When I got home, I wrote 'Dress Blues' in the time it takes to write it down on a piece of paper."

I love the lyrics to this song and I think that with the musical talent of ZBB, their harmonies, and countless instruments, the song is done to perfection.

Zac Brown Band announced that 'Dress Blues' will be on Jekyll + Hyde when they performed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 23, 2015 and we've got the performance for you! ZBB kicks off their Jekyll + Hyde Tour tour May 1st in Nashville.