I can say that this is a story of my biggest nightmare. In no way shape or form do I enjoy snakes, they just plain freak me out.

A family in Arizona last week had a shocker of a pool day when they decided to go for a dip.

The family discovered baby rattlesnakes in their pool toys and immediately contacted the Buckeye, AZ fire department who looked into the incident. This was apparently not the first incident reported. According to the fire department, snakes laying eggs in unused pool noodles is a common occurrence.

In short: just make sure you check your noodles. Multiple types of critters could be hiding out.

If you do experience a snake, experts say to remain very calm. Snakes only use biting as self defense and if needed. Since humans are bigger than snakes, they don't bite right away.

By staying calm you can avoid vibrations that helps snakes track their threat. If you do come in contact with a rattlesnake, the snake will most likely slither away if you do not panic.

[via USA Today]

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