I have this thing with bugs.  I hate them.  And learning that my Christmas tree might be infested with bugs has my skin crawling.

If you've got a real Christmas tree, it's  probably crawling with bugs.  Did you know that real trees can be home to up to 25,000 different insects and spiders?

Bugs you'll find in your tree include springtails, which are sometimes called book lice or snow fleas and also spiders, moths, mites, and bark lice.

Most of them burrow into the tree and hibernate for the winter, but here's where it gets icky- when you bring your tree inside your nice warm house, they wake up. Oh goodie.

There is some good news though and that's that most of those bugs live in the tree which means they're probably not going to leave it and spread throughout your house.  Your house is also dry this time of year and there's not a lot of food for them, so they'll probably die pretty quickly.