Yellowstone fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 4 of the epic series on the Paramount Network, but they don't have to deny themselves. One of the most popular movies on Netflix in recent days was headed up by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, and it also features many of the same actors and storytelling themes as the runaway hit show.

Sheridan wrote and directed Wind River, which he released in 2017, one year before Yellowstone premiered in 2018. The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017 before opening in limited theatrical release, followed by a wider theatrical release.

The film takes place at the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, where a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent named Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) discovers the body of an 18-year-old indigenous girl named Natalie Hanson in the snow. She has been sexually assaulted, and in the investigation that follows, in which he assists an inexperienced FBI agent named Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen), it's revealed that Hanson was assaulted by men working on a nearby oil rig along with her boyfriend, who also worked there. She fled barefoot through the night in wintery conditions, resulting in her death.

Sheridan was drawn to the subject matter after reading about how many indigenous women are sexually assaulted and murdered and how often those crimes can not only go unsolved, but are essentially left uninvestigated due to the lack of resources and legal standing on reservation lands. It's a variation on themes he's returned to again and again on Yellowstone,  which often explores the uneasy relations between indigenous people forced into a multi-generational settlement on reservation lands and those whose lands border them.

In addition to resembling much of the same tone of the hit show, Wind River is set amid the same kind of natural splendor as Yellowstone, and the juxtaposition of nature's beauty and simultaneous unsparing harshness is another common theme.

Yellowstone fans will be quick to recognize a number of familiar faces in the cast of Wind River, too. Kelsey Chow Asbille — who plays Monica Dutton on Yellowstone — plays Natalie Hanson, and Gil Birmingham (Yellowstone's Chief Thomas Rainwater) plays her father, Martin Hanson. Other future Yellowstone actors who appear in Wind River include Hugh Dillon, Ian Bohen, Martin Sensmeier and James Jordan.

Wind River is currently available for streaming on Netflix, and it spent some time in the Top 5 on the streaming service recently, years after its initial release.

Yellowstone has become the most-watched show on cable television since it debuted in 2018. Its success has spawned two upcoming spinoffs. Yellowstone: 666 has been announced, but few details are available. More interesting to country music fans is 1883, which stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, John Dutton's great-grandparents.

1883 follows their family as they head West on a difficult trek from Texas to Montana, where they will end up establishing the ranch that serves as the setting for the original show. The show also stars Sam Elliott, and Billy Bob Thornton will appear in a guest role.

The Paramount Network has announced that 1883 will premiere on Dec. 19, while Yellowstone Season 4 will air on the Paramount Network and Paramount+ beginning Nov. 7. Subscribe to the streaming service to make sure you don't miss out.

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