If you love that Kim Kardashian’s little one was blessed (um, or maybe not) with an uncommon name and want something unique for your baby, but don’t feel the creative juices flowing, there’s help….but don’t say I didn’t warn you that it’ll cost bucko bucks.

Thanks to a team of historians, translators and a 100 hour work process, you can become the parent to a baby with a one of a kind name. This probably isn’t for you though- unless you’ve got an ridiculous amount of money to play. Having a team of people come up with a name for your little one will set you back $32,000!

I’ve seen row homes sell for less!

Erfolgswelle is the name of the company behind this and they claim that there’s a process to the madness. Of course they do. The company presents the family with a handful of possibilities based on their culture and background, but the final say is of course the family’s choice.

Sounds to me like they’re just looking for suckers who have more money than what they know to do with. But maybe that’s just me. If money weren’t an issue- would you shell out 32k for a unique name for your kid?