Everyone thinks they’re a better driver than the next person and you don’t even have to ask someone to find out – they’ll just blurt it out whether you wanted to know or not.

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New York has an interesting bunch of drivers because our state is such a melting pot. We’ve got the drivers who learned how to drive in New York City who are definitely way more offensive than the drivers who learned to drive in the cow pastures of Upstate New York.

There are the drivers who were born and raised in neighboring states (we’ll be kind and not drop names) who don’t seem to realize they don’t still live in their birth state but drive in New York as if they do.

Then, there are the drivers who’ve been driving around our neighbors to the north for so long that they seem to have adopted the same idea that when there are merging lanes, there’s no need to scoot over. For anyone.

And, we can’t forget about the Sunday drivers who drive like it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon every day of the week, just putt-putting along a nice five miles under the speed limit while their head spins like a bobble taking in everything around them except for the faces of those who’ve had enough of their slow-poke driving.

While it seems very few drivers in New York can agree on the actual right way to drive, one thing New Yorkers can agree on is which vehicles the worst drivers are behind the wheel of. Unless you're the one behind the wheel and you know you're not a bad driver, right?

Top Five Car Brands With the Worst Drivers in New York

According to data collected by Auto Evolution, these are the car brands with the worst drivers in New York.

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