The coolest part is not only will the World Series of Poker be coming to New York for the first time, but it will be in Central New York too.

It's quite exciting news to see something so major making its debut in the Empire State. A tournament of this caliber could surely bring numerous poker players from around the country into the area for a few weeks to play some cards. More importantly, it gives someone local to CNY the opportunity to make it to the Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas next year. The place getting the opportunity to host is Turning Stone in Verona.

“We are thrilled to serve as New York’s first ever satellite host for the World Series of Poker, and provide this incredible opportunity to our guests,”  -  Oneida Nation Enterprises CEO Ray Halbritter

If this tournament is either a lifelong dream to be part of, this is your chance. The buy-in for the satellite qualifying rounds is only $175, those have already begun and are happening through mid-December. If you make it through, a seat at the main tournament next year could be yours. That is a seat worth $1,400 by the way. The main tournament is set to happen on January 2nd, March 6th, and May 1st at the Central New York casino. If you make it through one of the 3 main tournaments then, you're off to Vegas with a $10,000 seat in the big game.

That is one way to clinch your seat in Vegas, another way is to be part of the World Series of Poker Circuit event happening March 17th through the 28th. Will you be one of the winners and make it to Las Vegas? To find out more, click here.

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