What started out as a 3 day festival at Watkins Glen featuring music's biggest names has turned into a free concert in Maryland. According to a TMZ report, Woodstock 50 is set to go on at a new venue and tickets will be handed out for free! The report says organizers will announce details and start giving out tickets sometime this week. TMZ says there really is not a clear picture of who will perform, as some of the big names associated with the show - like Jay Z and John Fogerty - have backed out of  the festival, but most of the performers have already been paid and will perform.

This has been an interesting saga to follow this Summer; it will be interesting to see if the festival actually happens, since it is less than 3 weeks away the weekend of August 16th.. And maybe it is just me, but Woodstock has always been an Upstate New York event. There is just something about the region that goes hand in hand with the spirit of the festival. Will Maryland bring the same vibe? We will have to wait and see!


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