Two new movies have landed on the big screen early this month and I wonder which will be the Big money maker?

1.  "Wonder Woman"  (PG-13)  Origin Trailer and the Final Trailer

Long before Gal Gadot became Wonder Woman, she grew up as an Amazonian princess on Themyscira, a mythological island where Amazon warriors live without men. Then Chris Pine crash lands on her island and Diana learns just how sheltered she's been all her life. And as he tells her how World War I is "the war to end all wars," she realizes it's her destiny to defy her mother and leave the island to go protect mankind.

Connie Nielsen plays her overprotective mother, Queen Hippolyta, and Robin Wright is the Amazonian warrior who secretly trains her.  It's also directed by a woman named Patty Jenkins, and so far the critics love it.

Scheduling conflicts robbed us of having a cameo by 1970s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.  But she fully supports the movie and even posed with Gal Gadot on the red carpet for the L.A. premiere.

This is the first big screen Wonder Woman movie but, obviously, it's Gal Gadot's second time appearing as Diana Prince.  She first did it in "Batman vs. Superman", and she'll return later this year in "Justice League", which hits theaters in November.



2.  "Captain Underpants"  (PG)  Trailer

Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch star in this animated movie about two kids who hypnotize their principal into thinking he's an idiotic superhero.  Ed Helms is Captain Underpants, and Nick Kroll is a villain named: Professor Poopypants.

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