I've got a closet stuffed full of clothes, and yet I stand in front of it every day trying to decide what to wear. You'd think I was contemplating rocket science.

If this happens to you too, we're not alone. A new survey has found that women spend an average of an hour a week thinking about what we're going to wear.

To put that into perspective – that's three days out of the year that we spend simply wondering what clothes to put on. And between the ages of 18 and 65 that comes out to five months of feeling like there's nothing to wear.

Simon Jersey, who did the study, says we ladies spend "12 minutes every workday morning, 10 minutes every weekend morning, and about 27.5 minutes before a night out" deciding what to put on.

Half of women surveyed admitted to thinking about their outfit the night before. And that's not such a bad idea. I've found that if I pick out an outfit before bed and lay it out that my morning isn't as insane.