I'm not a big wine drinker, but I have friends that are and their reaction to this video has been everything from utter shock to laughter to tears. One friend that saw the video was freaked out because even though she knew it was wine...to her it looked like hundreds of gallons of blood. Like the elevator scene in the "The Shining".

Actually, what you're seeing is about 10,000 gallons of red wine spilling from a ruptured 13,000-gallon holding tank. Somehow the tank was damaged and it let the wine spill all over the ground. That's crazy too because everyone knows that white wine pairs better with dirt and gravel.

This video is racking up the views and comments from wine lovers all over the world. One user wrote, “A minute of silence for so many days and nights of happiness that will not be possible.” Another user added, “Holy God, what a waste.”

The video was shot at Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Vallamalea in Central Spain. No matter what your opinion of wine is...it's a perfect metaphor for what 2020 feels like.

I can relate to how wine drinkers must feel watching this video. A couple of years ago a bourbon rackhouse collapsed in Kentucky's bourbon county flooding the soil and nearby creek with thousands of gallons of aged bourbon. Let's just say if you were around me that day you would have seen a grown man cry....a lot.

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