The next Taste of Country RISERS act announcement brings unprecedented talent to the long-running platform. Don't worry, we won't keep you guessing for long.

Mark July 17 on your calendar as the date the next Taste of Country RISER of 2018 will be revealed. He, she (or they?) is an established name on A-list country music tours and an artist the Nashville community is universally cheering for.

Hard work, dedication and supreme musical talent made choosing our next RISER a pretty easy task, actually.

This mystery artist follows a three-month RISERS campaign for Devin Dawson, who has enjoyed a string of late night television appearances, high profile tours and massive exposure. In 2017 acts like Brett Young, Runaway June and Kalie Shorr helped define the program as a right of passage for artists in Nashville. When the next artist is revealed, you'll hear the current radio single in a whole new way and later learn who was instrumental in shaping their artistry. Expect fresh weekly content from these artists, who are on the verge of becoming stars.

Listen to Taste of Country RISERS' Devin Dawson Sing Something Sad

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