Tuesday, October 5th is World Teacher's Day. I began last weekend attending something I've never been to - a teacher retirement celebration. I've spent many times being the DJ for retirement parties in the past, but this was a first for me, and first as a guest rather than the guy with the microphone and music.

I have to admit, at times during the evening I thought I should have volunteered my DJ services for the event. but then again, it was one of those times that the lack of music playing in the background wasn't necessarily something that was really needed.

And most of those who attended were or currently are teachers, and they don't need a microphone to be heard. They project their voice to a large class on a daily basis without the need for any type of amplifier.

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Several teachers and school personnel were being honored as they retired this past year and in 2020, and it was during the presentations, which were a combination of fun stories mixed with some really heartfelt recollections, that I really came to realize just how amazing teachers really are.

I don't think most people give it a thought. Sure, most people in a profession deserve more recognition than they get, but I think teachers get a lot fewer accolades than they should. I certainly could not stand up in front of students day after day for most months of the year attempting to teach and mold young minds.

My sister-in-law was one of the teachers honored that evening for 34 years of service. The person who did a brief timeline of my sister-in-law's teaching career left me in awe. There is so much about a teacher's life that no one, except their peers, knows or understands.

The presenter went through my sister-in-law's teaching history in such an amazing story-telling way, that everyone clung to every word. I learned a lot about my sister-in-law as a teacher at the event.

My takeaway? Thank a teacher wherever you can. They helped teach and help guide us into adulthood and future profession. And they did it with passion and a desire to help us succeed in life. Thanks, teachers!

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