Take a good look at the picture above. Can you tell me what's wrong with it?

If you automatically say "Whatever store that is, is sold out of hand sanitizer" you would be wrong.

With everything going on with the Coronavirus craze, we should expect things like hand sanitizer and cleaning products to sell out. However, if you look at articles about how to prevent getting sick most doctors are sticking to their guns and saying one thing: wash your hands.

Literally the Center for Disease Control has a whole website about handwashing.

So my confusion about the above photo is the amount of soap that is still available.

If you search hand sanitizer you'll find that it doesn't kill bacteria quite like soap and water. Why isn't soap sold out!?

Also, not like you should need the reminder, but even when there isn't a threat of a crazy illness you should still be washing your hands often.

Hand sanitizer is sold out in several locations, (toilet paper too!) but there's still soap available. I know what I'm doing today: stocking up on soap.

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