What's happening with the Trailblazer Festival at Hunter Mountain?

All 3 headliners, Dierks Bentley, Thomas Rhett and Luke Bryan have pushed back their tours, with concerts not starting until July. So where does that leave the festival that is scheduled for June 12-14th?

There's been no official word from organizers of the festival on their website or social media pages. We even reached out, emailing the festival to see if we could get an answer, but heard nothing back.

Fans are flooding Facebook, asking the same questions - Is the festival still happening and if not, how do they get a refund?

Mike Siempo‎ says he got an answer. "Just heard back from Trailblazer and they said as of now they are still a go for the festival, only one person has cancelled and it was not a headliner. They are afraid to cancel too early and then be allowed to hold it. Unless NY pushes stay at home past June 1st it will be held."

With New York on PAUSE until mid May and people being infected or dying from COVID-19 every day, it's hard to imagine how a festival that brings tens of thousands of people from all over the country could be held in June, or it'll even be safe to be that close to so many people.

Only time will tell.

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