Every year around Christmas my friends exchange gifts in giant mason jars and I have quite the collection, which is great because they're amazing for holding a bunch of bits and pieces from laundry pods to nuts and bolts, to dryer lint.

That's right. In my house, instead of tossing our dryer lint, we hoard it and use it to start fires during the summer months. Lint is incredibly flammable (which is why you should always, always take extra steps to make sure to remove all the lint from your dryer and hose) and works better to start a bonfire than any other expensive fancy fire starter.

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My husband and I buy eggs whenever we can in cardboard and save the carton to make little firebombs. We cut the carton so that there are individual tops and bottoms, fill one of the egg spaces with some dryer lint, put in a small length of sewing thread leaving a small length hanging out, dab a drop or two of superglue on the cardboard, pop the top on and boom - instant bonfire fire starter with a nice little tail so that we don't burn anything that shouldn't be burned when we lite it.

If you think that's cool, here are some other things you can do with your dryer lint instead of just tossing it.

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