If you own a truck (or SUV) that has a towing package, can you leave the hitch/ball on your vehicle if there is no trailer attached to it? That is a question that comes up often among truck owners and friends. Every now and again, a rumor will pop up that someone you know, knows someone who got a ticket, or pulled over, for leaving their hitch in the receiver of their vehicle. But is that legit?

If you search the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, there appears to be NO LAW that states you have to remove that hitch from the receiver.

A search on the DMV website also comes up without any results pertaining to trailer hitches specifically.

However, if the hitch type that you have somehow blocks or interferes with ability to see the license plate on your truck or SUV, a police officer or trooper may have the right to pull you over.

Additionally, license plates must be visible, headlights should provide adequate illumination, and all lights should be visible to other motorists.

It is that time of the year that we have to prepare for snow in the Western New York area. Make sure that when you clean off your car you are removing the snow from the back plates as well.

There are plenty of rumors about people getting pulled over for their trailer hitches but the truth is, as far as New York State is concerned, there is no violation on the books for having an idle hitch attached to the receiver of your vehicle.

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