They all have some sort of meaning right?

We got talking the other day about how with these uncertain days we are all going through, a lot of us have been having some pretty vivid dreams during the night so we thought it would kinda interesting to have our favorite tarot card reader Meta Marcy on the air with us to try and see if she could tell us what the meaning is behind some of our dreams.

We had a tom of dreams texted in through the Wolf app and Marcy did what she could to try and interpret them, including the dream from KiKi who texted, "A bear was chasing me thought it was going attack, so I jumped into the water and hid. later I resurfaced bear saw me they wouldn't leave my side. Couldn't lose him no matter where I went."

Marcy said that the bear in a dream represents our deep inner authority and the sense that we are safe and OK and water represents our emotional state and this dream says that KiKi needs to look at her hiding from her emotions and such.

One of the other dreams she helped us with was a text we got with the dream, "I dreamt last night that I was trapped in a warehouse with dinosaurs." Macy said this one was simple and that the person who dreams about dinosaurs is afraid of becoming irrelevant or extinct.

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