If anyone knows how devastating flooding can be, it would be the Southern Tier. If anyone knows what it's like to look at what used to be a home and only see shambles, it would be the Southern Tier. If anyone knows what it's like to feel overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness, it would be the Southern Tier.

On the other hand, if anyone knows what it's like to feel love and to receive support from complete strangers, it would be the Southern Tier.

When our area was in the throes of picking up the pieces after the flood of 2011, people came from all over the state and beyond to do what they could to help. Clothing and food drives were held to help neighbors in need. Individuals, groups, and civic organizations teamed together to help with the daunting cleanup process.

It's taken a long time, years in fact, but we're finally getting back on our feet and now it's time for us to help others who've found themselves facing the same nightmare so many of us faced.

On Saturday, September 23rd from 11am-1pm, the West Corners Fire Department will be accepting donations for hurricane victims in Texas and in Florida. Keystone Valley Trucking will be delivering all items directly to those in need.

If you're able to lend a hand and make a donation, West Corners Fire Department is looking for the following items:

1. Cases of water
2. Canned goods with pop-top lids
3. Baby items such as bottles, formula, baby food, diapers, etc.
4. Personal hygiene items
5. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
6. Deodorant
7. Tampons/pads
8. Soaps, shampoo, and conditioners
9. First aid kits
10. Towels
11. Trash bags
12. Toilet paper
13. Ziploc bags
14. Mosquito spray
15. Cleaning Supplies
16. Latex gloves for cleaning
17. Paper towels
18. Dawn dish soap
19. Clorox bleach and wipes
20. Blankets (can be used, but must be clean)

West Corners Fire Department is located 500 Day Hollow Road in West Corners. If you have any questions about their hurricane relief drive, please call 607-785-4185.

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