For some people, the extra $600 unemployment benefit, that by the way is coming to an end, is a saving grace.

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Millions of workers are unemployed, due to the coronavirus.  As a result, congress passed a relief package with an unprecedented $600-per-week supplement for jobless workers. The result...many people were eligible for substantially more money while unemployed than they made while they were working.

Market Watch reports two-thirds of jobless workers are bringing home more money from their state unemployment insurance plus the $600 weekly supplement from the federal government than they would have on the job.

One person who has been working the past 17 years says for their relatively large family, it was a blessing in disguise.

“I’m still making the same amount paycheck wise for per hour. I usually make about $450 a week, right now I’m making almost $800 a week or more,” said an anonymous viewer.

“I was able to stay home, stay safe, keep my family safe, while my husband went to work every night.

The unemployment insurance is expected to expire this month.  It is unclear whether Congress will pass legislation before then to extend the timeline.

For more information on unemployment resources, you can check with the NYS Dept of Labor


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