Unity. The Dictionary defines the word Unity as, “the state of being one; oneness” and that is exactly what our community has come together to achieve. Oneness. Unity. When one of us is hurting or hungry, we all are and we have a moral obligation to put out a hand and offer a boost.

In 1985, the world was given the song “We Are The World,” an anti-hunger anthem. Proceeds from the sale of that song benefited those dealing with famine. And now, 33 years later, there’s a new anthem, an anthem that will battle the realness of hunger and homelessness right here Central New York. This new anthem is called, “We Are One.”

Music for the Mission, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2009 with the goal to help the homeless and the hungry in Central New York. Music for the Mission believes, “that music, with its innate ability to energize people, can contribute to the rehabilitation of those who need it most.” Music for the Mission is able to raise funds by “sponsoring local musical events and re-directing our proceeds to organizations focused on Central New York.

In 2018, Music for the Mission wants to be able to provide meals to 100,000 families and they hope to do this not only through the generosity of our community, but also with the support of some very special musicians.

Bob Halligan, Jr. is not only a world-renowned songwriter and who has written songs for Judas Priest, Kix, Blue Oyster Cult and others, but he is also a native of Central New York and kindly gave of his time to write Central New York’s new anti-hunger anthem, “We Are One.” “We Are One” was recorded at Subcat Studios in Syracuse and the song features the most well known local and regional musicians, including Joe Altier, Ronnie Leigh, Todd Hobin, Doug Moncrief, Jon Celi, Dan Elliott, and more.

When you visit Amazon or iTunes and download “We Are One” the entire 99 cent fee will go toward caring for the hungry and the homeless in Central New York.

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