It's pretty much universally known that if Jim Cantore mentions the name of your town, you're most likely experiencing a weather event of Biblical proportions, and the rest of the world is thankful that they don't live where you do.

Jim Cantore mentioned Binghamton yesterday. Now, I don't know if he verbally mentioned us on the Weather Channel because I wasn't glued toTV- I was out shoveling a Goliath amount of snow off my car. But, I know for a fact that Cantore did mention us (via the National Weather Service in Binghamton) on his Facebook page. Several times. Look!

Broke November 2016 record for most snow from single storm!

Posted by Jim Cantore on Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Posted by Jim Cantore on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What's crazy is that nobody really expected little 'ol Binghamton to get as much snow as we did, and so all the weather reporters, like Cantore, were sent everywhere but here. Since Cantore wasn't able to make it to our area to cover the storm, Richard Seifert of Windsor decided to give a weather report Jim Cantore style while his wife filmed him.

And then there's this- an amazing time lapse video made by Sean Holbert of Johnson City which shows his street being swallowed by snow, courtesy of Winter Storm Stella. If anyone has doubt about how much snow the Binghamton area got, this should clear that right up. This time lapse shows exactly Winter Storm Stella brought with her from 2am on Tuesday, March 14th through Wednesday, March 15th.

In case you're wondering- the Weather Channel reports that Binghamton saw 31.3 inches of snowfall from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning although there are some who might disagree and say that they believe we might have more in the 40-inch range.

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