Two cops recently came up with a few ways to get out of a ticket if you get yourself pulled over. Most of these should be common sense, don't argue, have your registration ready, but, there are some that you probably didn't have top of mind:

1. Put your turn signal on as soon as possible, even if there's nowhere to pull over. That way they know you're at least trying to. If your new cop friend turn their lights and their siren on, it means they think it's a good place to stop, so pull over. NOW.

2. Kiss up to them before they go to their car to run your info. That's usually when they decide whether or not to give you a ticket. See, once they write one, they can't take it back. Writing a ticket and then ripping it up only happens in movies.

3. Don't be short with them, but don't talk too much either. They might get suspicious if you give a one word answers to every question. They might get annoyed with you if you start babbling. Side note I asked a cop how is holidays were and he looked at me dumbfounded. It seems some people don't talk to them all!

4. Try to make them laugh. Which sounds a little risky, but apparently it works. We're assuming a bad joke has the opposite effect though.  Try this one:

"Did you hear that the energizer bunny was arrested?  -- He was charged with battery."

5. Mentioning that you know a cop does work sometimes. So if you can work it into the conversation, go for it. If you were in the military or someone in your family is, that might work too.

[Via: Thrillist]

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