My son and I have traveled to the most incredible and far away places this last year. That’s right. Smack dab in the middle of a pandemic, we have explored and learned with no inhibitions.

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Well, except for the inhibitions tossed out by our horrendous home internet service.

I'm a firm believer in being a realist but not staying stuck in the gunk and instead, looking for the positives in whatever particular situation a person finds themselves in that doesn't exactly fit into their plan.

It was about this time last year when my husband and I received mail from our son's school district letting us know that the time was approaching for kindergarten registration. We went through he entire process and attended every virtual school board meeting we could as the days inched closer to the school year because we wanted to make sure sending our son into school would be the best thing for him.

Due to a million different factors, we decided for our son not to start his formal education in a bubble and instead, we registered with the state of Pennsylvania to be full blown homeschool parents. And so, Maple Preparatory (the name out son picked out) was born.

If someone had told me this time last year that I would be a full time homeschooling mom, I would have laughed until tears fell from my eyes. No way was that ever going to happen and yet, here we are. And, it is glorious. Hard, but glorious.

My boy is learning and growing in ways I never could have imagined. This one on one learning time he's getting with me and my husband has been everything our son needed to start his education off on the right foot.

Oh, and homeschooling has afforded us the opportunity to travel to far away lands in the middle of any old ordinary day. Thanks to the pandemic, so many places that probably would never have offered free virtual tours are...including the ancient pyramids in Egypt.

Last night before bed, we learned about what daily life in ancient Egypt was like, climbed right up into a pyramid, and took a tour of The Mastaba Tomb of Iasen.

Really though, take advantage of all of the virtual explorations because there’s no guarantee when our world opens all the way back up and we can go in person that these cool things will be offered for free. Start here with the Giza Guided Tours from Harvard University. 

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