Before I became a mom, I couldn't have even fathomed how my life would change. People warned me that things would be different and that I should prepare myself, but there was just no way I could really understand until it happened.

My husband and I definitely don't do things the way we used to. Everything is a little bit harder...and we only have one child! Jay and I work opposite shifts so that one of us can always be with our little guy and so that we don't have to pay for childcare, because it's outrageously expensive. So I can completely sympathize with the father in this story.

A father had no choice but to bring his two-year-old little girl to a court appearance because he couldn't find a babysitter and was really in a bind when he was told he couldn't bring her into the courtroom.

And then Officer Kevin Norris stepped up.

Officer Norris could have shrugged and told the father he was out of luck, but instead he volunteered to babysit the little girl and keep her busy while her dad was in court.

Courtroom surveillance footage shows that Officer Norris and the little girl had a great time together. They walked the hallway together, shared snacks and watched cartoons on the officer's phone until she eventually fell asleep on his lap.

The adorable video has gone viral and rightfully so!

Officer Norris said, "We're not just officers who are out there to arrest people. We're out there to make our community a better place."