A New York State Trooper was in the right place, at the right time, and ended up using his quick thinking to save an upstate man's life.

Joe Casiuk, of Binghamton, was riding his motorcycle, traveling at a high rate of speed, when he wrecked on I-88. Casiuk was thrown from his motorcycle to the opposite side of the roadway - and was severely injured.

Casiuk says someone must have been watching out for him from above. "I should have died," he says.

Credit: NYS Troopers/Facebook
Credit: NYS Troopers/Facebook

That's where Trooper Josh Neal comes in. Trooper Neal was on patrol along Interstate 88 when he saw a motorcycle traveling in the same direction. Seconds later, as Trooper Neal went around a curve, he saw that the bike had crashed. Trooper Neal found Casiuk on the side of the road, where he lay, suffering from severe injuries.

With the clock ticking, Trooper Neal jumped into action and placed a tourniquet on the Casiuk's leg and kept him talking until Broome Ambulance arrived and took over emergency care, and brought Casiuk to the hospital.

Casiuk says he is forever grateful to Trooper Neal. "It was because of this man and God himself that I am alive today and healing as well as I am. People want to hate on police but its men and women like this man that will always get me to stand behind the men and women of law enforcement," he says.

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