If you're buying for Mom online, make sure it's from a legitimate website. Mother's Day is a really popular time of year for fraud websites that sell stolen merchandise,and a lot of them seem legit if you're not paying attention.

All the graphics and ads on the site might look right. But instead of Zara.com, it might be Zaras.com with an "S" at the end. And their ads might even pop up on sites like Facebook. So be careful.

A fraud protection firm looked at data from the last few years, and found the top three fake and stolen things people accidentally buy their mom for Mother's Day:

1. Luxury watches and jewelry. For some reason Kate Spade is a popular brand for bogus websites. They buy the watches with stolen credit cards and sell them at a discount. So if a deal seems too good to be true, double check the site.

2. Vacation packages. Trips to Disneyland and Disney World in particular. Be careful if they want you to pay with Bitcoins, iTunes gift cards, or even through PayPal.

3. Clothing. Be on the lookout for sketchy websites that sell shoes, high-end fashion stuff, and expensive things like leather jackets.



(Via:NY Post)

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