The shoe company, TOMS, is doing a really great giveaway during the month of May to help children in need! The best part? You can help change someone's life!

TOMS is asking that you go "one day without shoes" to try and see what it's like for the children out there who don't have shoes. They can't go to school, older teens can't get jobs, they can't ride their bikes or go to the park - ultimately, it makes their lives so much harder and less fun.

All they're asking you to do is go on Instagram, take a picture of your bare feet and use the hashtag #WithoutShoes! Get creative, too! If you're out and doing something you enjoy, simply slip your shoes off and snap a pic - it's that easy!

Valerie Macon - Getty Images
Valerie Macon - Getty Images

"We believe in creating a world where we live for one, another. This year, on One Day Without Shoes, we're honoring your commitment to raising awareness for children's health & education. For every photo of bare feet tagged on Instagram, we'll actually give a new pair of shoes to a child in need — no purchase necessary."

Don't forget to check their website on May 21 to see how many shoes were donated!