Winter is coming. We've already had a taste of cool temperatures, snow and winter type winds. Thankfully, the next few days will be more like mid spring. We'll take it, please and thank you.

But once the temperatures plummet to the freezing mark and below, there are a few things you can do to help keep our home warm according to The Conversation and my own suggestions.

During the day when (hopefully) it's a sunny day, open your curtains. Let the warmth of the sunshine help add some much needed heat. Also, take advantage of the timer on your thermostat if it has that feature. I tend to lower the temperature a few degrees overnight when I'm sleeping and also when I'm at work.

The Conversation article also suggests you make sure your couch (and I would suggest any furniture) from being in front of your heat ducts. It would only prevent the heat from circulating properly. And The Conversation article also suggests you shore up any areas that are drafty.

In the past, I have used those long heavy draft preventers along the bottom of the doors that lead outside. And I've used clear plastic to cover windows that have any cold air getting through. I have a bedroom window that is very drafty, but I currently use heavy room darkening curtains to help keep the cold out. To be honest, I prefer the bedroom to be cool when I'm sleeping, in addition to running a fan, but that's mostly for sound. I can't sleep in a quiet room.

One other thing I'd suggest to check, is the filter in your furnace. I am guilty of forgetting to do that, and it can get pretty gummed up if you don't do regular cleaning or replacing your filter. Also, have your furnace regularly checked by a professional. Mine is about 20 years old and maybe time to be replaced.

via The Conversation

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