This is a very busy week for those who deliver packages. If I understand it right, this week is the busiest mail week of the entire year, and that makes sense since it's the holiday season and many are doing that last-minute rush to get packages in the mail and delivered before Christmas.

My brother works for the United States Post Office, and he can attest to just how busy they are. It's hard work for everyone from the sorters to those who have walking beat routes and rural routes. I forget how many miles my brother logs on his mail delivery vehicle each day, but it's a lot.

And with the increase in home deliveries, thieves that we love to call Porch Pirates, are out in force, so it's a good idea if you are expecting packages to arrive when you are not home, not only during the holiday season but any time of the year for that matter, to do what you can to help prevent theft at your expense.

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ADT has some great tips including the most obvious thing - install a surveillance camera. I have one next to my front door that records any activity anywhere near my front door and steps. There are many different companies that make these cameras in many price ranges and features.

Also, ADT suggests that you ask for the delivery to be placed out of sight. Many times, deliveries to my house are placed on my back porch and out of view. Or, you can ask for the delivery to be taken to your local post office or have a neighbor who may be at home to look out for your delivery and hold it until you can get home.

Another great idea is to have the deliveries sent to your workplace if that is allowed. I have done that many times. And that makes it easier to get those packages that require a signature.

Check out more tips from ADT and hopefully, your packages will arrive safe and in your hands rather than those nasty Porch Pirates.

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