Well, it's October, and what do we occasionally get in the month of October? If you answered 'snow' you would be correct. I'm not saying we will be seeing the white stuff falling from the sky this month, but we've experienced snowfall in October many years in the past, so it's possible.

Either way, it's inevitable that we will get snowed on over the next few months, and now is the time to get prepared. I have to dig out my winter jacket, boots, glove, caps, snow shovels and crank up the snowblower to make sure it's set for another year.

Some people leave the shoveling and plowing around their homes (and businesses) to local snow removal services. On any given day where we receive a significant amount of snowfall, you will see lots of vehicles with plows attached to them all over the place along with those who have been hired to either shovel or snow blow around your property.

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I'm getting to that time in my life to consider doing the same. But before I or you decide to hire someone or company services to clear out snow over the course of winter, there are a few things to consider.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests you check with them before you hire a snowplow service. Why? Well, to make sure you are getting what you agreed to. Yes, most if not all snow removal services are legit, but it's best to know who you are hiring. Also, if you had a service last year, check that they are set with you for the upcoming season. Labor shortages have affected some businesses since the pandemic began.

The BBB recommends you perform several steps before signing on the dotted line, including looking for experience, get more than one estimate, split the payments, beware of scams - if it's too good to be true, it probably is, and check on insurance. If the service damages anything around your home, who is responsible?

The Better Business Bureau has a scam tracker. Use it before hiring that snow removal contractor to find out if they are legit. The tracker also lists background information, any complaints, and resolutions. There are many great snow removal services in our area, and now is the time to find one before the snow flies.

via Better Business Bureau

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