We know that Thomas Rhett most definitely has a funky side and with all of his Bruno Mars covers, it's hard to ignore! Well, now we can hear some original Thomas Rhett funk with his new single, Crash and Burn. Give it a listen here!

The lyric video features the funky words spinning around a record and the catchy-ness is UNDENIABLE! And his voice? Ohhhh, his voice! So amazing!

This new single really shows off his vocal range! During the chorus, he's singing up high and then the versus have this low, sultry sound to them. Well done, Thomas Rhett.

When talking about the song, Thomas says that it might take a few listens to really understand the song, admitting that he "loves the paradox of how happy it sounds, even though its about a guy who loses out on love."

Here it is!

He definitely tried something new and I think it's really working for him! Crash and Burn will be featured on his second album, hopefully coming soon, but be sure to watch Thomas Rhett's performance at the ACM Awards, airing April 19th at 8PM on CBS.