Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren are gearing up for not one, but two babies in 2017, and at a recent party to celebrate his two latest No. 1s, "Star of the Show" and "T-Shirt," the singer gave an update on all the baby prep.

While he can't release much information on the process of adopting a child from Africa, Rhett admits the experience is an "emotional roller coaster" and that the process is moving slowly. Though the arrival date of their adopted baby is currently unknown, Lauren is expected to give birth sometime in August.

The couple plans to give their babies family names, even if that means making a male name more feminine, but don't have any specific ones picked out yet. "But I think it's going to come to us," he assures.

Just like everyone else, Rhett is a fan of the popular NBC show, This Is Us, the emotional family drama which he says holds parallels to his life. "I feel like This Is Us, I cry every episode," he admits.

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Thomas Rhett tickets are selling out for his headlining Home Team Tour, which keeps him on the road for much of 2017, and they've already begun baby-proofing one bus, taking out an entire set of bunks and putting in a crib. He's anticipating they'll do the same for the other one. "It's pretty nuts," Rhett admits. At 18 weeks pregnant, Lauren is not feeling as sick as she once was, but her husband says a giant snuggle pillow has "completely replaced me."

Rhett and Lauren found out about the pregnancy while on a safari with Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line and his wife, who actually knew Lauren was pregnant before the father himself did. The trio excitedly told Rhett the news while he was at the gym. "I was like, 'You are kidding me, how in the world are we about to have two kids in less than a year?'" the singer reveals. "But just honestly, I was just overjoyed. I always wanted twins and this is about as close as it gets."

The "Star of the Show" singer continues on the Home Team Tour through November with Kelsea Ballerini, Ryan Hurd and Russell Dickerson.

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