What's even more dependable than the Easter Bunny? Why, the fact that Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren will never fail at delighting fans with sweet family photos for the holiday. The couple are champs at keeping everyone abreast of their two adorable daughters' activities, and this Easter was no different.

As usual, the sisters win the Internet in terms of the really-darn-cute award. Big sister Willa Gray and baby sister Ada James showed off bunny ears and matching brightly colored floral outfits in the latest shot Rhett shared. Willa has her camera-ready smile down pat, while Ada looks a bit as if she's wondering where all the candy went!

Rhett wished everyone a great day: "Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday with their family and friends," he noted.

The singer himself is enjoying a nice streak of career highs. Most recently, last month, he notched up his 10th No. 1 single, "Marry Me," which ranks right up there with chocolate eggs in terms of a sweet treat .

"'Marry Me' is the #1 song on country radio for the second week in a row, AND it’s the 10th #1 of my career," Rhett noted in an earlier post. "Absolutely incredible! 'Gratefully, grateful' for all of you and country radio."

"Marry Me" is Rhett's third single from the Life Changes album; it tells the story of a man who never told a woman how he feels, despite knowing her since they were young. In the song, she gets married to someone else and he drinks his pain away.

Rhett notes that if he hadn't made the move to tell his own wife how he felt about her, "I probably would have been at her wedding watching her marry someone else," he says. Luckily, here they are, with two little bunnies, instead!

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